North American A-5A/RA-5C Vigilante Cover

North American A-5A/RA-5C Vigilante

ISBN/ASIN: 0942612647,9780942612646 | 2003 | English | pdf | 169/172 pages | 100.0 Mb
Publisher: Ginter Books | Author: Steve Ginter

This is aircraft was to replace the AJ-1/2 and the A3D as a nuclear attack bomber. This twin engine bomber carried the Linear Bomb (nuclear weapon) was carried between the two J78-GE-8. It was also used as a tanker, a Photo Recon and ECM.

This was the second heaviest aircraft excepted by the Navy the first being the A-3. The first prototype flew August 31, 1958 and deliveries started in 1960 to VAH-7.

The new USS Enterprise was the first ship to deploy the A-5.

North American A-5A/RA-5C Vigilante

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