Successful Capital Campaigns  from Start to Finish, Third Edition Cover

Successful Capital Campaigns: from Start to Finish, Third Edition

ISBN/ASIN: 9781118690604,9781118703922 | 2013 | English | pdf | 67/67 pages | 34.5 Mb
Publisher: Jossey-Bass

Originally published by Stevenson, Inc., this practical resource provides strategies for nonprofit organizations to plan and execute effective and successful capital campaigns and includes helpful resources such as sample charts, forms, and examples from other organizations.

Important topics covered include:
Steps for preparing a capital campaignBoard campaign potentialDonor giving potentialConsultantsFeasibility studiesCampaign essentialsCampaign slogansReportingOnline promotionSocial mediaFactors that impact campaign successDonor recognition
Please note that some content featured in the original version of this title has been removed in this published version due to permissions issues.
Chapter 1 Where it All Begins (pages 5–12):
Chapter 2 How Ready are You…. Really? (pages 13–28):
Chapter 3 Setting the Size, Scope and Campaign Duration (pages 29–35):
Chapter 4 Bringing Structure and Organization to Your Effort (pages 36–41):
Chapter 5 The Quiet (Lead Gift) Phase (pages 42–45):
Chapter 6 Publicly Announcing Your Campaign … with Enthusiasm (pages 46–49):
Chapter 7 Communications Crucial to Maintaining Momentum (pages 50–55):
Chapter 8 Bringing the Campaign to a Successful Close (pages 56–64):
Chapter 9 Capital Campaign Case Studies (pages 65–67):

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