Sugarcane, Second Edition Cover

Sugarcane, Second Edition

ISBN/ASIN: 9780632054763,9780470995358 | 2004 | English | pdf | 223/223 pages | 3.23 Mb
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell

From enhancing the flavour of food to providing a substrate for fermentation, sugar is renowned worldwide for its importance as a commodity. For many centuries sugarcane has been cultivated and developed, and we now have a huge range of crop varieties.

Based on Blackburn’s highly successful Sugarcane, originally published in 1984, this new edition has been fully revised and expanded by an international team of widely respected sugarcane specialists. Focussing on the agricultural aspects of the crop, this book follows a logical progression from the botany and breeding through to planning cultivation, control of weeds, pests and diseases, harvest management and payment for cane.

An invaluable asset to those involved in planning or running sugar estates as well as small producers

An easy-to-follow reference for students and agriculturalists alike

Comprehensive reference sections and further readingContent:
Chapter 1 An Introduction to Sugarcane (pages 1–19): Glyn L. James
Chapter 2 Plant Improvement of Sugarcane (pages 20–53): Nils Berding, Mac Hogarth and Mike Cox
Chapter 3 Diseases (pages 54–77): R. A. Bailey
Chapter 4 Pests of Sugarcane (pages 78–100): Graeme Leslie
Chapter 5 Sugarcane Agriculture (pages 101–142): R. D. Ellis and R. E. Merry
Chapter 6 Sugarcane Agronomy (pages 143–159): James E. Irvine
Chapter 7 Harvest Management (pages 160–180): David Weekes
Chapter 8 Cane Payment Systems (pages 181–194): Martin Todd, Gareth Forber and Philip Digges
Chapter 9 Project Planning (pages 195–202): Ben Yates

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