The Prostaglandins: Progress in Research Cover

The Prostaglandins: Progress in Research

ISBN/ASIN: 9789401096997,9789401096973 | 1972 | English | pdf | 327/332 pages | 9.59 Mb
Publisher: Springer Netherlands | Author: Sultan M. M. Karim, Keith Hillier (auth.), Professor Sultan M. M. Karim Ph.D. (eds.) | Edition: 1

The voluminous literature on prostaglandins includes some excellent reviews. For some time however, there has been a need for the collection in one volume of information from individual experts actively engaged in different aspects of prostaglandin research. This book is an attempt to fulfil that need. In view of the expanding interest and ever-growing accumulation of data of the various effects of prostaglandins it is hoped to revise the book and bring it up-to-date periodically. The largest section is that on reproduction, in which field progress in research and clinical applications thereof have been, and are, of great significance particularly in the area of popula­ tion control. This is not to decry the skill and efforts of investi­ gators in other aspects of prostaglandin activity nor the potential biological or therapeutic importance of their findings. In this context, what may appear to be omissions are individual sections on prostaglandin activity in the central nervous system, in the eye and as mediators of the inflammatory response. These are considered in the chapter on General Pharmacology of the Prostaglandins not because they might be considered to be of lesser impact and significance but in order to achieve a rapid publication of the book. S. M. M. KARIM Kampala, Uganda. January 1972. Acknowledgements Tables and Figures previously published are, in general, acknowledged by the reference in the legends and I am grateful to the authors, editors and publishers for their per­ mission.

The Prostaglandins: Progress in Research

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