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Supramolecular Photochemistry: Controlling Photochemical Processes

ISBN/ASIN: 9780470230534,9781118095300 | 2011 | English | pdf | 629/629 pages | 59.0 Mb

This is the most updated, comprehensive collection of monographs on all aspects of photochemistry and photophysics related to natural and synthetic, inorganic, organic, and biological supramolecular systems. Supramolecular Photochemistry: Controlling Photochemical Processes addresses reactions in crystals, organized assemblies, monolayers, zeolites, clays, silica, micelles, polymers, dendrimers, organic hosts, supramolecular structures, organic glass, proteins and DNA, and applications of photosystems in confined media. This landmark publication describes the past, present, and future of this growing interdisciplinary area.Content:
Chapter 1 Dynamics of Guest Binding to Supramolecular Assemblies (pages 1–51): Cornelia Bohne
Chapter 2 Templating Photoreactions in Solution (pages 53–86): Dario M. Bassani
Chapter 3 Complexation of Fluorescent Dyes by Macrocyclic Hosts (pages 87–114): Roy N. Dsouza, Uwe Pischel and Werner M. Nau
Chapter 4 Supramolecular Photochirogenesis (pages 115–153): Cheng Yang and Yoshihisa Inoue
Chapter 5 Real?Time Crystallography of Photoinduced Processes in Supramolecular Framework Solids (pages 155–174): Philip Coppens and Shao?Liang Zheng
Chapter 6 Bimolecular Photoreactions in the Crystalline State (pages 175–228): Arunkumar Natarajan and Balakrishna R. Bhogala
Chapter 7 Structural Aspects and Templation of Photochemistry in Solid?State Supramolecular Systems (pages 229–266): Menahem Kaftory
Chapter 8 Photochromism of Multicomponent Diarylethene Crystals (pages 267–283): Masakazu Morimoto and Masahiro Irie
Chapter 9 Manipulation of Energy Transfer Processes Within the Channels of L?Zeolite (pages 285–387): Gion Calzaferri and Andre Devaux
Chapter 10 Controlling Photoreactions Through Noncovalent Interactions Within Zeolite Nanocages (pages 389–442): V. Ramamurthy and Jayaraman Sivaguru
Chapter 11 Photochemical and Photophysical Studies of and in Bulk Polymers (pages 443–516): Shibu Abraham and Richard G. Weiss
Chapter 12 Delocalization and Migration of Excitation Energy and Charge in Supramolecular Systems (pages 517–546): Mamoru Fujitsuka and Tetsuro Majima
Chapter 13 Supramolecular Effects on Mechanisms of Photoisomerization: Hula Twist, Bicycle Pedal, and One?Bond?Flip (pages 547–570): Robert S. H. Liu, Lan?Ying Yang, Yao?Peng Zhao, Akira Kawanabe and Hideki Kandori
Chapter 14 Protein?Controlled Ultrafast Photoisomerization in Rhodopsin and Bacteriorhodopsin (pages 571–595): Hideki Kandori

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