The Unbreakable Athlete  Injury Prevention; Ironman Cover

The Unbreakable Athlete: Injury Prevention; Ironman

ISBN/ASIN: 1841261092,9781841261096 | 2004 | English | epub | 147/0 pages | 15.1 Mb
Publisher: Meyer & Meyer Verlag | Author: T. J. Murphy | Edition: Ironman Ed

Despite all the motivation in the world, an endurance athlete sidelined by injury is doomed to losing fitness that has been hard won. "Injury Prevention" seeks to arm endurance athletes, of all levels and abilities, with easy-to-do exercises and techniques to ward off injuries well before they might normally occur. The book presents circuit-training routines that require a minimum of time and equipment. Race day nutrition is also tackled, as proper intake of food and fluids is key to preventing heat injury when training or competing in hot, humid conditions

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