Unraveling French Cinema  From L'atalante to Cache Cover

Unraveling French Cinema: From L’atalante to Cache

ISBN/ASIN: 9781405184526,9781444315530 | 2010 | English | pdf | 232/232 pages | 5.26 Mb
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell | Author: T. Jefferson Kline(auth.)

Unraveling French Cinema provides a much needed introduction to the complexities of French film for students, cineastes, and the movie-loving public. Looks at the differences between French and American national cinema Explores how French directors shape their films around two potentially divergent goals: the narration of a story and an elaboration of some theory about film itself. Demystifies the "difficulty" of French cinema, allowing the American movie-goer to enjoy films that are too often perplexing at a first viewing. Offers extended analyses of classic, New Wave, and contemporary French films—including L'Atalante, Adele H., The Rules of the Game, and Cache. Content:
Chapter 1 Cinema and/as Poetry: L'Atalante's Apples as Poems (pages 13–34):
Chapter 2 Cinema and the Real: Renoir's Rules (pages 35–53):
Chapter 3 Cinema and/as Crime: Breaking the Law in The Children of Paradise, Pickpocket, and Breathless (pages 26–50):
Chapter 4 Cinema and/as Mapping: Reorienting Ourselves Through Film (pages 83–108):
Chapter 5 Cinema and/as Dream: Truffaut's “Royal Road” to Adele H. (pages 109–131):
Chapter 6 Cinema and/as Hypnosis: Jacquot's Seventh Heaven (pages 132–147):
Chapter 7 Cinema and/as Mourning: Anne Fontaine's How I Killed My Father (pages 148–164):
Chapter 8 Cinema and/as Terror: Michael Haneke's Cache (pages 165–178):
Chapter 9 Beautiful Fragments: Discontinuity and the French Cinema (pages 179–192):

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