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Taming the Money Sharks

ISBN/ASIN: 9781118550427,9781118784792 | 2013 | English | pdf | 221/221 pages | 1.50 Mb

Easy-to-follow guidelines from a pro for simplifying your investments, protecting yourself from the investment sharks and achieving financial freedom
Drawing on his years as an investor for leading banks in the U.S. and Asia, Philip Cheng delivers down-to-earth strategies guaranteed to make you "shark-proof" while you optimize investment returns. Statistics show that only 20% of small investors ever come close to achieving their investment goals. The other 80% get eaten alive by "investment sharks"—investment advisors, fund managers and other hucksters out to line their pockets with your hard-earned cash. Motivated by a sense of fair play, Cheng resolved to write an investor's survival guide in which he'd share everything he's learned in his years as a successful professional investor. The result is Taming the Money Sharks. The easy-to-follow guidelines you'll find in this book will help you navigate the shark-infested waters of the investment world, all the way to the financial freedom you dream of and deserve. A must-have survival guide for novice investors, and a source of fresh thinking and innovative strategies for experienced investorsFeatures many illustrations, summaries, charts, real-world examples along with other powerful tools to help you avoid common mistakes and win at the investment gameLays out 8 proven strategies for investing systematically and surviving and thriving in the shark-infested waters of the stock marketContent:
Chapter 1 Stop the Bleeding (pages 1–17):
Chapter 2 Select an Industry to Increase Probability of Profitable Investments (pages 19–47):
Chapter 3 Wise Use of Information Resources (pages 49–71):
Chapter 4 Decide on Company Values and Buy–Sell Prices (pages 73–108):
Chapter 5 Simple and Effective Portfolio Strategies (pages 111–143):
Chapter 6 Capitalize on Policy Directions (pages 145–155):
Chapter 7 Loving an Investment or Loving to Make Money (pages 157–169):
Chapter 8 Fully Enjoy Your Profits from Stocks (pages 171–181):
Chapter A Appendix A: Basic Technical Analysis (pages 183–187):
Chapter B Appendix B: Deciding on Buy Prices (pages 189–194):
Chapter C Appendix C: Deciding on Sell Prices (pages 195–199):
Chapter D Appendix D: Strategy for Investing in High?Dividend (HD) Stocks (pages 201–205):

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