Genetics and the Behavior of Domestic Animals Cover

Genetics and the Behavior of Domestic Animals

ISBN/ASIN: 9780123945860 | 2013 | English | pdf | 488/488 pages | 9.19 Mb
Publisher: Academic Press | Author: Temple Grandin and Mark J. Deesing (Eds.)

''In light of the ongoing debate on 'nature versus nurture' as determinants of behavior, it is somewhat surprising that this is the first book devoted to the role genetics plays in domestic animal behavior. …this topic has not previously been given the in-depth treatment it receives here. Editor Grandin's stated objective is 'to illustrate that principles discovered by behavioral genetics researchers have practical applications in agricultural and companion animals.' Of particular interest is the final chapter, 'Genetics and Animal Welfare,' which examines the often damaging effects of our efforts to select for certain traits and suggests criteria for determining the ethical limit for genetic selection. A fine work, highly readable and well documented. Extensive bibiographies. Recommended for all academic libraries.''

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