Terrestrial Heat Flow Cover

Terrestrial Heat Flow

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About The ProductPublished by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Geophysical Monograph Series.
Chapter 1 Historical Introduction to Terrestrial Heat Flow (pages 1–6): Edward C. Bullard
Chapter 2 Application of the Theory Of Heat Conduction to Geothermal Measurements (pages 7–23): John C. Jaeger
Chapter 3 Techniques of Measuring Heat Flow on Land (pages 24–57): Alan E. Beck
Chapter 41 Techniques of Measuring Heat Flow Through the Ocean Floor (pages 58–77): Marcus G. Langseth
Chapter 5 On Heat Transfer Through the Ocean Floor (pages 78–86): Elena A. Lubimova, Richard P. Von Herzen and Gleb B. Udintsev
Chapter 6 Review of Heat Flow Data (pages 87–190): William H. K. Lee and Seiya Uyeda
Chapter 7 Geophysical Deductions from Observations of Heat Flow (pages 191–210): Gordon J. F. Macdonald
Chapter 8 Physical Processes in Geothermal Areas (pages 211–239): John W. Elder
Chapter 9 Review of Geothermal Resources (pages 240–266): James R. Mcnitt

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