Great Escapes Cover

Great Escapes

ISBN/ASIN: 0752444905,9780752444901 | 2008 | English | epub | 256/0 pages | 0.65 Mb
Publisher: The History Press | Author: Terry C. Treadwell

For most prisoners of war, life was nothing like such films as The Great Escape, but for a few brave escapees, fact was more extraordinary than fiction. Using personal accounts, authentic reports from German guards, and debrief documents in the National Archives, this is the true story of the many exciting escape attempts from POW camps during the Second World War. Some were successful, others not, but in each case the inspired methods devised and executed by the prisoners show bravery and ingenuity on a greater scale than any film. With incredible stories such as the "Wooden Horse," the "French Tunnel," and the "Colditz Ghost,” this ground-breaking book tells the stories of some of the bravest men in history.

Great Escapes

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