Terry Jones' Barbarians  An Alternative Roman History Cover

Terry Jones’ Barbarians: An Alternative Roman History

ISBN/ASIN: 056353916X,9780563539162 | 2007 | English | mobi | 320/0 pages | 4.57 Mb
Publisher: BBC Books | Author: Terry Jones, Alan Ereira | Edition: paperback / softback

A completely fresh approach to Roman history, this book not only offer readers the chance to see the Romans from a non-Roman perspective, it also reveals that most of those written off by the Romans as uncivilized, savage, and barbaric were in fact organized, motivated, and intelligent groups of people with no intentions of overthrowing Rome and plundering its Empire. This fascinating study does away with the propaganda and opens our eyes to who really established the civilized world. Delving deep into history, Terry Jones and Alan Ereira uncover the impressive cultural and technological achievements of the Celts, Goths, Persians, and Vandals. In this new paperback edition, Terry and Alan travel through 700 years of history on three continents, bringing wit, irreverence, passion, and the very latest scholarship to transform our view of the legacy of the Roman Empire and the creation of the modern world.

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