Chromatography of Polymers. Hyphenated and Multidimensional Techniques Cover

Chromatography of Polymers. Hyphenated and Multidimensional Techniques

ISBN/ASIN: 9780841236615,9780841217249,0841236615 | 1999 | English | pdf | 349/349 pages | 26.4 Mb
Publisher: American Chemical Society | Author: Theodore Provder (Eds.)

Content: Quantitation in analysis of polymers by multiple detector SEC / Bernd Trathnigg —
Use of multidetector SEC for determining local polydispersity / T.H. Mourey, K.A. Vu, and S.T. Balke —
The Chevron approach to GPC axial dispersion correction / Wallace W. Yau —
Axial dispersion correction for the Goldwasser method of absolute polymer Mn determination using SEC-viscometry / Wallace W. Yau —
Polymer characterization by high temperature size exclusion chromatography employing molecular weight sensitive detectors / S.J. O'Donohue and E. Meehan —
Use of the single-capillary viscometer detector, on-line to a size exclusion chromatography system, with a new pulse-free pump / Raniero Mendichi and Alberto Giacometti Schieroni —
Molecular weight characterization of polymers by combined GPC and MALDI TOF mass spectroscopy / J.L. Dwyer —
Quantitation in the analysis of oligomers by HPLC with evaporative light scattering detector / Bernd Trathnigg, Manfred Kollroser, Dušan Berek, Son Hoai Nguyen, and David Hunkeler —
Advantages of determining the molar mass distributions of water-soluble polymers and polyelectrolytes with FFFF-MALLS and SEC-MALLS / W.-M. Kulicke, S. Lange, and D. Heins —
Cross-fractionation of copolymers using SEC and thermal FFF for determination of molecular weight and composition / Sun Joo Jeon and Martin E. Schimpf —
Colloidal particles as immunodiagnostics : preparation and FFF characterization / Teresa Basinska and Karin D. Caldwell —
Molecular characterization of complex polymers by coupled liquid chromatographic procedures / Dušan Berek —
Two-dimensional liquid chromatography of functional polyethers / Bernd Trathnigg, Manfred Kollroser, M. Parth, and S. Röblreiter —
Liquid chromatography under limiting conditions : a tool for copolymer characterization / A. Bartkowiak and D. Hunkeler —
Full adsorption-desorption/SEC coupling in characterization of complex polymers / Son Hoai Nguyen and Dušan Berek —
Size exclusion chromatography-FTIR analysis of polyethylene / James N. Willis, James L. Dwyer, Xiaojun Liu, and William A. Dark —
Factors affecting molecular weight and branching analysis of metallocene catalyzed polyolefins using on-line GPC with light scattering, and viscometry detection / Trevor Havard and Peter Wallace —
Characterization of polyesters and polyamides through SEC and light scattering using 1,1,1,3,3,3-hexafluoro-2-propanol as eluent / Antonio Moroni and Trevor Havard —
Degradation of substituted polyacetylenes and effect of this process on SEC analysis of these polymers / Jiří Vohlídal and Jan Sedláček —
Analysis of polysaccharides by SEC3 / D.T. Gillespie and H.K. Hammons —
Application of multi-detector SEC with a post column reaction system : conformational characterization of PGG-glucans / Y.A. Guo, J.T. Park, A.S. Magee, and G.R. Ostroff.

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