Film Formation in Waterborne Coatings Cover

Film Formation in Waterborne Coatings

ISBN/ASIN: 9780841234574,9780841215979,0841234574 | 1996 | English | pdf | 553/553 pages | 47.1 Mb
Publisher: American Chemical Society | Author: Theodore Provder, Mitchell A. Winnik, and Marek W. Urban (Eds.)

Content: Film formation of acrylic copolymer latices : a model of stage II film formation / S.T. Eckersley and A. Rudin —
Mechanisms of particle deformation during latex film formation / F. Dobler and Y. Holl —
Geometric considerations in latex film formation / Edwin F. Meyer, III —
Influence of polar substituents at the latex surface on polymer interdiffusion rates in latex films / Mitchell A. Winnik —
Steady-state fluorescence method to study film formation from latex particles having a high glass-transition temperature / Ö. Pekcan and M. Canpolat —
Small-angle neutron scattering studies of polymer interdiffusion during latex film formation / Ming-Da Eu and Robert Ullman —
In situ sensor for monitoring molecular and physical property changes during film formation / D.E. Kranbuehl, D. Hood, C. Kellam, and J. Yang —
Dynamic viscoelastic properties of polymer latex films : role of core chains and particle-particle interfaces / J. Richard —
Role of interdiffusion in film formation of polymer latices / Albrecht Zosel and Gregor Ley —
Film formation and mechanical behavior of polymer latices / C. Gauthier, A. Guyot, J. Perez, and O. Sindt —
Healing and fracture studies in incompletely annealed latex films and related materials / M. Sambasivam, A. Klein, and L.H. Sperling —
Development of properties during cure of epoxy and acrylate coating materials / Jakob Lange, Anders Hult, and Jan-Anders E. Månson —
Film formation and physical aging in organic coatings / D.Y. Perera, P. Schutyser, C. de Lame, and D. Vanden Eynde —
Correlation between network mechanical properties and physical properties in polyester-urethane coatings / James C. Scanlan, Dean C. Webster, and Allen L. Crain —
Effect of amine solubilizer structure on cured film properties of water-reducible thermoset systems / L.W. Hill, P.E. Ferrell, and J.J. Gummeson —
Small-angle neutron scattering studies of composite latex film structure / Y. Chevalier, M. Hidalgo, J.-Y. Cavaillé, and B. Cabane —
Structures of stretched latex films / Y. Rharbi, F. Boué, M. Joanicot, and B. Cabane —
Influence of morphology on film formation of acrylic dispersions / M.P.J. Heuts, R.A. le Fêbre, J.L.M. van Hilst, and G.C. Overbeek —
Mechanical studies of film formation in waterborne coatings by atomic force microscopy / A.G. Gilicinski and C.R. Hegedus —
Latex film formation at surfaces and interfaces : spectroscopic attenuated total reflectance and photoacoustic Fourier transform IR approaches / B.-J. Niu, L.R. Martin, L.K. Tebelius, and Marek W. Urban —
Rate-limiting steps in film formation of acrylic latices as elucidated with ellipsometry and environmental scanning electron microscopy / J.L. Keddie, P. Meredith, R.A.L. Jones, and A.M. Donald —
The relationship between film formation and anticorrosive properties of latex polymers / R. Satguru, J.C. Padget, and P.J. Moreland —
Permeation and morphology in polymer latex films containing leachable additives / P.A. Steward, J. Hearn, M.C. Wilkinson, A.J. Wilson, and B.J. Roulstone —
Film formation and morphology in two-component, ambient-cured, waterborne epoxy coatings / Frederick H. Walker and Olga Shaffer —
Stripe patterns formed in particle films : cause and remedy / Eiki Adachi, Antony S. Dimitrov, and Kuniaki Nagayama —
Cross-linking water-reducible coatings by direct esterification / Guobei Chu, Frank N. Jones, Rahim Armat, and Stacy G. Bike —
Film formation in hexafluoropropylene plasmas / M.S. Silverstein and R. Chen —
Fabrication and application of particle-crystalline films / Kuniaki Nagayama and Antony S. Dimitrov —
Preparation and characterization of cross-linked hydroxypropyl cellulose hydrophilic films / Cheng Qian Song, Morton H. Litt, and Ica Manas-Zloczower —
Designing coating agents for inorganic polycrystalline materials / A.K. Chattopadhyay, L. Ghaicha, Bai Yubai, G. Munger, and R.M. Leblanc —
Amine-quinone polymers as binders for metal-particle-tape formulation : effect of polymer structure on dispersion quality and corrosion protection / Antony P. Chacko, Russell I. Webb, and David E. Nikles.

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