Thermal Processing of Food  Potential Health Benefits and Risks Cover

Thermal Processing of Food: Potential Health Benefits and Risks

ISBN/ASIN: 9783527319091,9783527611492 | 2007 | English | pdf | 296/296 pages | 2.76 Mb

This is the latest and most authoritative documentation of current scientific knowledge regarding the health effects of thermal food processing. Authors from all over Europe and the USA provide an international perspective, weighing up the risks and benefits. In addition, the contributors outline those areas where further research is necessary.Content:
Chapter 1 Bericht und Schlussfolgerungen (pages 1–8):
Chapter 2 Report and Conclusions (pages 9–16):
Chapter 3 Thermal Processing of Foods: Technological Aspects (pages 17–25): Prof. Dr. Dietrich Knorr, Volker Heinz and Cornelius Luscher
Chapter 4 Thermal Processing: More than Extending the Shelf Life of Foods (pages 26–49): Prof. Dr. Thomas Hofmann and Prof. Dr. Peter Schieberle
Chapter 5 Nutritional Aspects (pages 50–65): Prof. Dr. Dr. Gerhard Rechkemmer
Chapter 6 Biological Activities of Maillard Reaction Products (pages 66–74): Prof. Dr. Doris Marko
Chapter 7 Risk Assessment of Acrylamide (pages 75–89): Prof. Dr. Erik Dybing
Chapter 8 An Ex?vivo Approach to Assess Low Dose Effects of Acrylamide (pages 90–102): Dr. Matthias Baum, Daniel Bertow, Evelyne Fauth, Silke Thielen and Gerhard Eisenbrand
Chapter 9 Risk Assessment of Furan (pages 103–108): Josef Schlatter
Chapter 10 Heterocyclic Aromatic Amines: Potent Genotoxicants Formed in Cooked Meats (pages 109–130): Prof. Dr. Robert J. Turesky and Ricky D. Holland
Chapter 11 Molecular Epidemiology of Food Pyrolysis Products in Relation to Colon, Breast, and Prostate Cancer (pages 131–140): Susan A. Nowell, Rashmi Sinha, Luke Ratnasinghe, Nicholas P. Lang and Prof. Dr. Fred F. Kadlubar
Chapter 12 The Formation of 3?Monochloropropane?1,2?diol (3?MCPD) in Food and Potential Measures of Control (pages 141–154): Dr. Richard H. Stadler, Viviane Theurillat, Alfred Studer, Francis Scanlan and Walburga Seefelder
Chapter 13 Minimization Strategies: Acrylamide (pages 155–174): Dr. Norbert U. Haase
Chapter 14 Deep?fat Frying as Food Heating Process: Product Quality, Safety and Process Control (pages 175–184): Dr. Knut Franke and Ernst H. Reimerdes
Chapter 15 Thermal Processing of Food: Allergenicity (pages 185–196): Prof. Dr. Lars K. Poulsen
Chapter 16 The Acrylamide Minimisation Concept – A Risk Management Tool (pages 197–207): Dr. Andreas Kliemant and Dr. Angela Gobel
Chapter 17 The Consequences of Cooking: How the Origin of Cuisine Shaped Human Culture, Ecology, and Biology (pages 208–223): Prof. Dr. Greg Laden
Chapter 18 Posters (pages 225–277): Michael Bretz, Anja Knecht, Simon Gockler, Prof. Dr. Hans?Ulrich Humpf, Isabelle Kolling?Speer, Alfred Montag, Torsten Kurzrock, Karl Speer, Dr. Andreas Kliemant, Hartmut Waldner, Dr. Esther Mayer?Miebach, Quim. Farm. Diana Behsnilian, Heike P. Schuchmann, Achim Bub, Martina Kasper, Prof. Dr. Peter Schieberle, Ingrid Halle, Prof. Dr. Gerhard Flachowsky, Marcus Ihling, Monika Lahrssen?Wiederholt, Horst Klaffke, Sonja Schittko, Holger Fritz, Robert Gatermann, Ansgar Ruthenschror, Dr. Knut Franke, Ernst H. Reimerdes, Ping Idda, Wolf?Dietrich Koller, Sonja Muscat, Monika Pischetsrieder, Daniel Bertow, Dr. Matthias Baum, Gerhard Eisenbrand, Prof. Dr. Doris Marko, Zeina Tjaden, Florian Fueller, Nicole Puppel, Dipl. Troph. Nadine Knoll, Anja Weise, Michael Glei, Uwe Claussen, Brigitte Marian and Beatrice L. Pool?Zobel

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