Statistical Methods for Quality Improvement, Third Edition Cover

Statistical Methods for Quality Improvement, Third Edition

ISBN/ASIN: 9780470590744,9781118058114 | 2011 | English | pdf | 687/687 pages | 6.75 Mb
Author: Thomas P. Ryan(auth.), Walter A. Shewhart, Samuel S. Wilks(eds.)

Praise for the Second Edition

"As a comprehensive statistics reference book for quality improvement, it certainly is one of the best books available."
This new edition continues to provide the most current, proven statistical methods for quality control and quality improvement
The use of quantitative methods offers numerous benefits in the fields of industry and business, both through identifying existing trouble spots and alerting management and technical personnel to potential problems. Statistical Methods for Quality Improvement, Third Edition guides readers through a broad range of tools and techniques that make it possible to quickly identify and resolve both current and potential trouble spots within almost any manufacturing or nonmanufacturing process. The book provides detailed coverage of the application of control charts, while also exploring critical topics such as regression, design of experiments, and Taguchi methods.
In this new edition, the author continues to explain how to combine the many statistical methods explored in the book in order to optimize quality control and improvement. The book has been thoroughly revised and updated to reflect the latest research and practices in statistical methods and quality control, and new features include: Updated coverage of control charts, with newly added tools The latest research on the monitoring of linear profiles and other types of profiles Sections on generalized likelihood ratio charts and the effects of parameter estimation on the properties of CUSUM and EWMA procedures New discussions on design of experiments that include conditional effects and fraction of design space plots New material on Lean Six Sigma and Six Sigma programs and training
Incorporating the latest software applications, the author has added coverage on how to use Minitab software to obtain probability limits for attribute charts. new exercises have been added throughout the book, allowing readers to put the latest statistical methods into practice. Updated references are also provided, shedding light on the current literature and providing resources for further study of the topic.
Statistical Methods for Quality Improvement, Third Edition is an excellent book for courses on quality control and design of experiments at the upper-undergraduate and graduate levels. the book also serves as a valuable reference for practicing statisticians, engineers, and physical scientists interested in statistical quality improvement.Content:
Chapter 1 Introduction (pages 1–11):
Chapter 2 Basic Tools for Improving Quality (pages 13–32):
Chapter 3 Basic Concepts in Statistics and Probability (pages 33–86):
Chapter 4 Control Charts for Measurements with Subgrouping (for One Variable) (pages 87–155):
Chapter 5 Control Charts for Measurements without Subgrouping (for One Variable) (pages 157–180):
Chapter 6 Control Charts for Attributes (pages 181–224):
Chapter 7 Process Capability (pages 225–259):
Chapter 8 Alternatives to Shewhart Charts (pages 261–307):
Chapter 9 Multivariate Control Charts for Measurement and Attribute Data (pages 309–352):
Chapter 10 Miscellaneous Control Chart Topics (pages 353–384):
Chapter 11 Graphical Methods (pages 385–405):
Chapter 12 Linear Regression (pages 407–434):
Chapter 13 Design of Experiments (pages 435–511):
Chapter 14 Contributions of Genichi Taguchi and Alternative Approaches (pages 513–564):
Chapter 15 Evolutionary Operation (pages 565–585):
Chapter 16 Analysis of Means (pages 587–614):
Chapter 17 Using Combinations of Quality Improvement Tools (pages 615–627):

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