The Book of Kadam  The Core Texts Cover

The Book of Kadam: The Core Texts

ISBN/ASIN: 0861714415,9780861714414 | 2008 | English | pdf | 752/754 pages | 23.3 Mb
Publisher: Wisdom Publications | Author: Thupten Jinpa Ph.D. | Edition: 1st Edition

The Kadam school, which emerged from the teachings of the Indian master Atisha and his principal student, Dromtönpa, is revered for its practical application of the bodhisattva’s altruistic ideal in daily life. This book presents the Book of Kadam’s core texts, including the 23-chapter Jewel Garland of Dialogues between Atisha and Dromtönpa, Dromtönpa’s Self-Exhortation, four chapters from Dromtönpa’s birth stories, two brief verse summaries of the Book of Kadam, sayings of the Kadam masters, and other essential writings.

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