Time-Frequency Analysis  Concepts and Methods Cover

Time-Frequency Analysis: Concepts and Methods

ISBN/ASIN: 9781848210332,9780470611203 | 2008 | English | pdf | 427/427 pages | 6.14 Mb
Publisher: Wiley-ISTE

Covering a period of about 25 years, during which time-frequency has undergone significant developments, this book is principally addressed to researchers and engineers interested in non-stationary signal analysis and processing. It is written by recognized experts in the field.Content:
Chapter 1 Time?Frequency Energy Distributions: An Introduction (pages 18–36): Patrick Flandrin
Chapter 2 Instantaneous Frequency of a Signal (pages 37–60): Bernard Picinbono
Chapter 3 Linear Time?Frequency Analysis I: Fourier?Type Representations (pages 61–91): Remi Gribonval
Chapter 4 Linear Time?Frequency Analysis II: Wavelet?Type Representations (pages 93–130): Thierry Blu and Jerome Lebrun
Chapter 5 Quadratic Time?Frequency Analysis I: Cohen's Class (pages 131–163): Francois Auger and Eric Chassande?Mottin
Chapter 6 Quadratic Time?Frequency Analysis II: Discretization of Cohen's Class (pages 165–191): Stephane Grassin
Chapter 7 Quadratic Time?Frequency Analysis III: The Affine Class and Other Covariant Classes (pages 193–226): Paulo Goncalves, Jean?Philippe Ovarlez and Richard Baraniuk
Chapter 8 Higher?Order Time?Frequency Representations (pages 228–248): Pierre?Olivier Amblard
Chapter 9 Reassignment (pages 249–277): Eric Chassande?Mottin, Francois Auger and Patrick Flandrin
Chapter 10 Time?Frequency Methods for Non?stationary Statistical Signal Processing (pages 279–320): Franz Hlawatsch and Gerald Matz
Chapter 11 Non?stationary Parametric Modeling (pages 321–352): Corinne Mailhes and Francis Castanie
Chapter 12 Time?Frequency Representations in Biomedical Signal Processing (pages 353–382): Lotfi Senhadji and Mohammad Bagher Shamsollahi
Chapter 13 Application of Time?Frequency Techniques to Sound Signals: Recognition and Diagnosis (pages 383–408): Manuel Davy

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