Furthering Talk: Advances in the Discursive Therapies Cover

Furthering Talk: Advances in the Discursive Therapies

ISBN/ASIN: 9781461347439,9781441989758 | 2004 | English | pdf | 278/293 pages | 12.6 Mb
Publisher: Springer US | Author: Tom Strong, David Paré (auth.), Tom Strong, David Paré (eds.) | Edition: 1

Recently, a client coming in for her second appointment, told me the story ofhow she had been volunteeringher timeforthe pastseveralyearstofreeseveralinnocent prisoners from Illinois prisons. She told me how tenaciously and persistently she had to work against politicians who did not want these releases to take place. I wasso struck by her dedication and personal sacrificeoftime, money,and energy. At the end of her story, I thanked her. I said there were many times when I heard some story of injustice on the news and I thought to myself how I should get involved or at least write a letter. But somehow other matters would take precedence, my anger would dissipate and soon the issue would slip my mind. Listening to her I feltgrateful that there were people like her to take up the cause and put energy and voice to my concerns. I looked at her and thanked her again. Reading this manuscript I was reminded of this story. Editing a book on postmodern thinking and ways of being with clients is certainly not the same as confronting politicians or taking on power structures in a justice system. But nonetheless, after reading this manuscript I found myselfgrateful to Tom Strong and David Pare for their taking the time and committing the energy to the col­ lection. This is a book that should have been written. It is timely and moves ideas forward. This is a very worthwhile endeavor and the product reflects their dedication to contemporary ideas.

Furthering Talk: Advances in the Discursive Therapies

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