Handbook of Ellipsometry Cover

Handbook of Ellipsometry

ISBN/ASIN: 9780815517474,9780815514992 | 2005 | English | pdf | 891/1833 pages | 16.5 Mb
Publisher: William Andrew Publishing/Noyes | Author: Tompkins, Harland G.; Irene, Eugene A.(eds.)

The Handbook of Ellipsometry is a critical foundation text on an increasingly critical subject. Ellipsometry, a measurement technique based on phase and amplitude changes in polarized light, is becoming popular in a widening array of applications because of increasing miniaturization of integrated circuits and breakthroughs in knowledge of biological macromolecules deriving from DNA and protein surface research. Ellipsometry does not contact or damage samples, and is an ideal measurement technique for determining optical and physical properties of materials at the nano scale.

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