Starting Out with C++  Early Objects Cover

Starting Out with C++: Early Objects

ISBN/ASIN: 0321383486,9780321383488 | 2005 | English | pdf | 1184/1337 pages | 142 Mb
Publisher: Addison Wesley | Author: Tony Gaddis, Judy Walters, Godfrey Muganda | Edition: 5

Starting Out With C++: Early Objects is intended for either a one semester traditional introductory programming course or a two-semester C++ programming sequence, with introductory material placed in the first half of the text and more advanced topics, such as recursion and data structures, placed in the second half. Objects are introduced early, right after control structures and before arrays and pointers. The STL string class is used throughout. As with all Gaddis books, there is a strong emphasis on problem solving and program design, a careful step-by-step introduction of each new topic, clear and easy to read code listings, concise and practical real world examples, and an abundance of exercises in each chapter.

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Category: Development

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