Brain Edema XV Cover

Brain Edema XV

ISBN/ASIN: 9783709114339,9783709114346 | 2013 | English | pdf | 335/317 pages | 12.5 Mb
Publisher: Springer-Verlag Wien | Author: Toshihiko Kuroiwa M.D. (auth.), Yoichi Katayama, Takeshi Maeda, Toshihiko Kuroiwa (eds.) | Edition: 1

More than 60 papers written by internationally recognized experts cover the broad spectrum of brain edema. The main topics treated are: ischemia & hemorrhage, trauma (experimental and clinical), cerebral hemorrhage, tumor, hydrocephlaus & intracranial pressure (ICP), neuromonitoring & neuroimaging, treatments, blood brain barrier, and miscellaneous.

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