Toxikologie  Eine Einfuhrung fur Naturwissenschaftler und Mediziner Cover

Toxikologie: Eine Einfuhrung fur Naturwissenschaftler und Mediziner

ISBN/ASIN: 9783527284832,9783527604821 | 1996 | English | pdf | 583/583 pages | 16.9 Mb
Publisher: VCH Verlagsgesellschaft mbH, Weinheim

Nowadays as a result of an increased awareness of their social and ecological responsibilities more and more scientists and physicians wish to increase their current knowledge of poisons and the effects of these on human beings and the environment. This is increasingly true of chemists and biologists, who have already been confronted, during their studies, with questions concerning the health risks of chemicals and the legal regulations involved. This book is a modern introduction to toxicology and treats these topics. Starting from the medical, biochemical and pharmacological fundamentals it describes the methods used for recognizing and assessing toxicological risks. There is a detailed treatment of mechanisms and detection methods for genotoxic, reproduction-toxic and carcinogenic chemicals in the laboratory, at the place of work and in the environment.

All the authors are eminent: years of experience at the forefront of academic and industrial research and teaching have brought them not only technical but also outstanding didactic competence. Their contributions are clearly structured in 35 chapters and form a richly illustrated presentation.
Chapter 1 Einfuhrung (pages 1–12): Prof. Dr. H. Greim
Chapter 2 Toxikokinetik (pages 13–40): J. G. Filser
Chapter 3 Fremdstoffmetabolismus (pages 41–85): Th. Wolff and L. R. Schwarz
Chapter 4 Reaktive Metaboliten und kovalente Bindung an Makromolekule (pages 87–105): H. Kappus
Chapter 5 Toxikogenetik (pages 107–116): F. J. Wiebel
Chapter 6 Cytotoxizitat (pages 117–134): L. R. Schwarz
Chapter 7 Chemische Kanzerogenese (pages 135–160): E. Deml and D. Oesterle
Chapter 8 Reproduktionstoxikologie (pages 161–170): H. Spielmann
Chapter 9 Kombinationswirkungen von Chemikalien (pages 171–177): H. M. Bolt and F. Riemer
Chapter 10 Verdauungstrakt (pages 179–187): M. Schwenk
Chapter 11 Leber (pages 189–198): L. R. Schwarz
Chapter 12 Atmungsorgane (pages 199–212): J. Pauluhn
Chapter 13 Herz (pages 213–220): K. Seibel
Chapter 14 Zentralnervensystem (ZNS) und peripheres Nervensystem (pages 221–232): W. E. Muller
Chapter 15 Haut (pages 233–241): F. J. Wiebel
Chapter 16 Niere und ableitende Harnwege (pages 243–253): D. Oesterle
Chapter 17 Knochenmark, zellulare Bestandteile des Blutes und Hamoglobin (pages 255–268): W. Lenk, R. Snyder and Prof. Dr. H. Greim
Chapter 18 Immunsystem (pages 269–302): P. Greim, C. Goebel, J. Abel, H. Schroder and E. Gleichmann
Chapter 19 Toxizitatstests und Kanzerogenitatstests in vivo (pages 303–320): Dr. E. Deml
Chapter 20 Genotoxizitatstests in vitro (pages 321–341): U. Andrae
Chapter 21 Mutagenitatstests in vivo (pages 343–356): I?D. Adler
Chapter 22 Erfassung und Kontrolle von Schadstoffbelastungen beim Individuum (Biomonitoring) (pages 357–370): Th. Wolff
Chapter 23 Epidemiologie (pages 371–380): K. Ulm
Chapter 24 Risikoabschatzungen fur krebserzeugende Stoffe (pages 381–396): J. Filser, Prof. Dr. H. Greim and J. Timm
Chapter 25 Grenzwerte (pages 397–409): Prof. Dr. H. Greim
Chapter 26 Gesetzgeberische Aspekte (pages 411–418): D. Kayser
Chapter 27 Rechtsvorschriften zum Schutz vor gefahrlichen Stoffen (pages 419–440): E. Hummel and W. Mucke
Chapter 28 Polychlorierte Biphenyle (pages 441–450): Dr. E. Deml
Chapter 29 Polychlorierte Dibenzodioxine und Dibenzofurane (PCDD/F) (pages 451–461): K. Rozman, B. Stahl and H. Sterzl?Eckert
Chapter 30 Metalle (pages 463–478): K. H. Summer and St. Halbach
Chapter 31 Toxische Gase (pages 479–491): L. Szinicz
Chapter 32 Stickstoffmonoxid (pages 493–498): J. Stadler and J. Doehmer
Chapter 33 Mineralfasern (pages 499–506): I. Mangelsdorf
Chapter 34 Organische Losungsmittel (pages 507–517): Prof. Dr. H. Greim
Chapter 35 Okotoxikologie (pages 519–539): R. Debus

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