Triple-Bonded Functional Groups  Volume 2 (1983) Cover

Triple-Bonded Functional Groups: Volume 2 (1983)

ISBN/ASIN: 9780471280316,9780470771709 | 1983 | English | pdf | 791/791 pages | 21.1 Mb
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

Chapter 18 Recent developments on nitrile oxides, nitrile sulphides and nitrile selenides (pages 737–804): Giorgio Bianchi, Remo Gandolfi and Paolo Grunanger
Chapter 19 Conformation of cyano and isocyano compounds (pages 805–834): C. A. Kingsbury
Chapter 20 Recent advances in isocyanide chemistry (pages 835–887): H. M. Walborsky and M. P. Periasamy
Chapter 21 Complexation of aryldiazonium ions by polyethers (pages 889–915): Richard A. Bartsch
Chapter 22 Poly(diacetylenes) and polyyne polymers containing transition?metal atoms in the main chain (pages 917–980): William D. Huntsman
Chapter 23 Cyclodimerization of alkynes and reactivity of aluminium halide ? complexes of cyclobutadienes (pages 981–1013): Hepke Hogeveen and Douwe M. Kok
Chapter 24 Structure of triple?bonded molecules (pages 1015–1034): J. B. Moffat
Chapter 25 NMR spectra of acetylenes (pages 1035–1056): D. G. Morris
Chapter 26 Preparation and synthetic applications of cyano compounds (pages 1057–1303): Alexander J. Fatiadi
Chapter 27 General and theoretical properties of triple?bonded molecules (pages 1305–1343): J. B. Moffat
Chapter 28 Recent advances in the synthesis of triple?bonded groups (pages 1345–1390): Klaus Friedrich

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