Ultrastructural Pathology the Comparative Cellular Basis of Disease, Second Edition Cover

Ultrastructural Pathology the Comparative Cellular Basis of Disease, Second Edition

ISBN/ASIN: 9780813803302,9780813810379 | 2009 | English | pdf | 977/977 pages | 49.1 Mb
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell

Ultrastructural Pathology, Second Edition is a comprehensive reference on electron microscopy of pathologic tissue in animals and humans. Now presented in an atlas format for easier identification of organelles, the text is designed to bridge the gap between what is seen in the electron microscope at the cellular level and what the pathologist encounters in the postmortem room. New to this edition are sections on diagnostic electron microscopy, providing information on specialized technologies for electron microscopy, and invertebrate pathology. Emphasizing comparative pathology, the book explains and integrates all aspects of cellular changes in lesions occurring from natural or experimental disease.Content:
Chapter 1 Response to Cellular Injury (pages 3–31):
Chapter 2 Cell Death (pages 32–59):
Chapter 3 Cellular Defense and Recovery (pages 61–73):
Chapter 4 The Cell Surface (pages 75–107):
Chapter 5 Intracellular Trafficking (pages 108–123):
Chapter 6 Nucleus, Ribosomes, the Golgi Complex, and Secretion (pages 124–151):
Chapter 7 Peroxisomes, Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum, and Lipids (pages 152–179):
Chapter 8 Mitochondria (pages 181–198):
Chapter 9 Endothelium (pages 199–228):
Chapter 10 Leukocytes and Platelets (pages 230–267):
Chapter 11 The Mononuclear Phagocyte System and Lymphocytes (pages 268–293): Randy E. Sacco
Chapter 12 The Extracellular Matrix (pages 294–315):
Chapter 13 Cytopathology of Viral Diseases (pages 317–423): Norman F. Cheville and Howard Lehmkuhl
Chapter 14 Cytopathology of Pathogenic Prokaryotes (pages 424–523): Kim A. Brogden
Chapter 15 Pathogenic Protozoa (pages 524–571):
Chapter 16 Algae, Fungi, and Other Eukaryotes (pages 572–603):
Chapter 17 Toxicologic Pathology (pages 605–632): Vincent P. Meador and Norman F. Cheville
Chapter 18 Myotoxins (pages 634–664): James T. Meehan
Chapter 19 Neurotoxins and Neurodegeneration (pages 666–693):
Chapter 20 Nephrotoxins (pages 694–715):
Chapter 21 Toxicity of Respiratory Systems (pages 716–740): Mark R. Ackermann
Chapter 22 The Cell Cycle: Dysfunction in Aging, Senescence, and Hibernation (pages 741–755):
Chapter 23 The Neoplastic Cell (pages 756–793):
Chapter 24 Calcification (pages 795–809):
Chapter 25 Pigments (pages 810–827):
Chapter 26 Amyloid, Protein Misfolding Defects, and Inclusions (pages 828–855):
Chapter 27 Metabolic and Storage Diseases (pages 856–873):
Chapter 28 Arteriopathy (pages 874–889):
Chapter 29 The Renal Glomerulopathies (pages 890–909):
Chapter 30 Prions (pages 911–916):

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