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Galactic Radio Astronomy

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Publisher: Springer Netherlands | Author: V. Radhakrishnan (auth.), F. J. Kerr, S. C. Simonson III (eds.) | Edition: 1

'Galactic Radio Astronomy' was chosen as the subject of this Symposium, which was held in conjunction with the IAU General Assembly that took place in Sydney in August 1973, largely because it is a very suitable Southern Hemisphere topic. This results in part from the advantages of a southern location in studying the Galaxy and in part from the long association of Australia with radio astronomy. Following the General Assembly, the Symposium was held at the Surf air Inter­ national Hotel in Maroochydore, Queensland, from 3 to 7 September, 1973. The conference participants were effectively isolated from the rest of the world during the Symposium, and the excellent spring weather and geographical situation led to the development of an unusually good rapport. The Symposium was sponsored by Commissions 40, 33, and 34. The Organizing Committee was composed of A. H. Barrett (chairman), J. E. Baldwin, D. S. Heeschen, F. J. Kerr, J. Lequeux, S. W. McCuskey, P. G. Mezger, B. Y. Mills, Yu. N. Parijskij, B. J. Robinson, H. van der Laan, and H. F. Weaver. The Local Committee, consisting ofB. J. Robinson, N. G. Seddon, and P. J. Kelly, looked after the arrangements in very fine style. The Symposium was supported financially by the IAU, the Australian Academy o~ Science, the CSIRO Division of Radiophysics, Union Carbide Australia Limited, and the Science Foundation for Physics within the University of Sydney.

Galactic Radio Astronomy

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