Intuitive Topology Cover

Intuitive Topology

ISBN/ASIN: 0821803565,978082180356,8173711186,9788173711183 | 1998 | English | pdf | 104/106 pages | 3.55 Mb
Publisher: Universities Press India | Author: V. V. Prasolov

This is an introductory course on topology and begins by defining the main notions in a tangible and perceptible way, and then progressing to more precise and rigorous definitions and results, reaching the level of fairly sophisticated yet completely understandable proofs. An important feature of the book is that it deals mainly with construction of objects (like surfaces, knots and links in space) and maps between these objects, rather than with general theorems. It contains a number of illustrations and problems with solutions.

Readership: Advanced high school students and undergraduates majoring in mathematics.

Intuitive Topology

Category: Science

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