Soluble Silicates - Their Properties and Uses, Volumes 1-2 Cover

Soluble Silicates – Their Properties and Uses, Volumes 1-2

ISBN/ASIN: 9781591249078,1591249074 | 1952 | English | pdf | 767/1145 pages | 59.4 Mb
Publisher: Knovel | Author: Vail, James G.

These volumes have been prepared for those who, although not necessarily technically trained, have by virtue of experience or interest a desire to become better acquainted with soluble silicates. While the reader may already have encountered soluble silicates in his own work, he will find the experience of other industries illuminating. Data pertinent to adhesives, for example, are likely to be significant for coatings and cements. The first volume is devoted primarily to the more theoretical work on the properties of the soluble silicates and a second, larger volume covers the fields of industrial application.
Recently updated with 154 Digitized Graphs covering subjects such as The refractive indices of sodium silicate glasses, The rate of growth of crystals on a sodium silicate glass surface as a function of temperature, Commercial sodium silicate solution viscosity as a function of temperature, and Specific heats of sodium silicate solutions as a function of SiO2:Na2O mol ratio and alkali content.
Front Matter
• Table of Contents
• Interactive Graphs Table  (154) 1. The Beginnings
2. Present Practices
3. The Homogeneous Systems
4. The Heterogeneous Systems
5. Complex Systems
6. Interfaces Modified by Silicate Solutions
7. New Surfaces: Coatings and Films
8. Bonded Surfaces
9. Sols, Gels, and Polymers in Industry
10. Physiological Behavior
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Soluble Silicates – Their Properties and Uses, Volumes 1-2

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