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Victorian Poetry Now: Poets, Poems, Poetics

ISBN/ASIN: 9780631208266,9781444340440 | 2011 | English | pdf | 547/547 pages | 2.31 Mb
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell | Author: Valentine Cunningham(auth.)

This book is the definitive guide to Victorian poetry, which its author approaches in the light of modern critical concerns and contemporary contexts.
Valentine Cunningham exhibits encyclopedic knowledge of the poetry produced in this period and offers dazzling close readings of a number of well-known poems Draws on the work of major Victorian poets and their  works as well as many of the less well-known poets and poems Reads poems and poets in the light of both Victorian and modern critical concerns Places poetry in its personal, aesthetic, historical, and ideological context Organized in terms of the Victorian anxieties of self, body, and melancholy Argues that rhyming/repetition is the major formal feature of Victorian poetry Highlights the Victorian obsession with small subjects in small poems Shows how Victorian poetry attempts to engage with the modern subject and how its modernity segues into modernism and postmodernism
Chapter 1 Words, Words, Words and More Words (pages 1–54):
Chapter 2 Rhyming/Repeating (pages 55–72):
Chapter 3 Making Noise/Noising Truths (pages 73–107):
Chapter 4 These Rhyming/Repeating Games are Serious (pages 108–148):
Chapter 5 Down?Sizing (pages 149–188):
Chapter 6 Selving (pages 189–258):
Chapter 7 Fleshly Feelings (pages 259–322):
Chapter 8 Mourning and Melancholia (pages 323–408):
Chapter 9 Modernizing the Subject (pages 409–462):
Chapter 10 Victorian Modernismus (pages 463–503):

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