Vegetation Ecology, Second Edition Cover

Vegetation Ecology, Second Edition

ISBN/ASIN: 9781444338881,9781118452592 | English | pdf | 578/578 pages | 6.98 Mb

Chapter 1 Vegetation Ecology: Historical Notes and Outline (pages 1–27): Eddy van der Maarel and Janet Franklin
Chapter 2 Classification of Natural and Semi?natural Vegetation (pages 28–70): Robert K. Peet and David W. Roberts
Chapter 3 Vegetation and Environment: Discontinuities and Continuities (pages 71–106): Mike P. Austin
Chapter 4 Vegetation Dynamics (pages 107–140): Steward T.A. Pickett, Mary L. Cadenasso and Scott J. Meiners
Chapter 5 Clonality in the Plant Community (pages 141–163): Brita M. Svensson, Hakan Rydin and Bengt A. Carlsson
Chapter 6 Seed Ecology and Assembly Rules in Plant Communities (pages 164–202): Peter Poschlod, Mehdi Abedi, Maik Bartelheimer, Juliane Drobnik, Sergey Rosbakh and Arne Saatkamp
Chapter 7 Species Interactions Structuring Plant Communities (pages 203–232): Jelte van Andel
Chapter 8 Terrestrial Plant?Herbivore Interactions: Integrating Across Multiple Determinants and Trophic Levels (pages 233–259): Mahesh Sankaran and Samuel J. McNaughton
Chapter 9 Interactions Between Higher Plants and Soil?dwelling Organisms (pages 260–284): Thomas W. Kuyper and Ron G.M. de Goede
Chapter 10 Vegetation and Ecosystem (pages 285–307): Christoph Leuschner
Chapter 11 Diversity and Ecosystem Function (pages 308–346): Jan Leps
Chapter 12 Plant Functional Types and Traits at the Community, Ecosystem and World Level (pages 347–386): Andrew N. Gillison
Chapter 13 Plant Invasions and Invasibility of Plant Communities (pages 387–424): Marcel Rejmanek, David M. Richardson and Petr Pysek
Chapter 14 Vegetation Conservation, Management and Restoration (pages 425–454): Jan P. Bakker
Chapter 15 Vegetation Types and Their Broad?scale Distribution (pages 455–485): Elgene O. Box and Kazue Fujiwara
Chapter 16 Mapping Vegetation from Landscape to Regional Scales (pages 486–508): Janet Franklin
Chapter 17 Vegetation Ecology and Global Change (pages 509–530): Brian Huntley and Robert Baxter

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