Video and Multimedia Transmissions over Cellular Networks  Analysis, Modelling and Optimization in Live 3G Mobile Communications Cover

Video and Multimedia Transmissions over Cellular Networks: Analysis, Modelling and Optimization in Live 3G Mobile Communications

ISBN/ASIN: 9780470699331,9780470747773 | 2009 | English | pdf | 387/387 pages | 16.4 Mb

This excellent reference provides detailed analysis and optimization aspects of live 3G mobile communication networks

Video and Multimedia Transmissions over Cellular Networks describes the state-of-the-art in the transmission of multimedia over cellular networks, evaluates the performance of the running system based on the measurements and monitoring of live networks, and finally presents concepts and methods for improving of the quality in such systems.

Key Features:
Addresses the transmission of different media over cellular networks, with a focus on evolving UMTS transmission systems Provides in-depth coverage of UMTS network architecture, and an overview of 3GPP video services Describes the characteristics of the link layer errors in the UMTS Terrestrial radio Access Network (UTRAN), obtained by extensive measurements in live UMTS networks Covers video encoding and decoding, introducing H.264/AVC video codec, as well as addressing various novel concepts for increased error resilience Discusses the real-time capable algorithms that are suitable for implementation in power and size limited terminals Presents the methods for monitoring quality, as well as analyzing and modelling traffic evolution in the cellular mobile network
This book provides a valuable reference for researchers and students working in the field of multimedia transmission over wireless networks.  Industry experts and professionals working within the field will also find this book of interest.Content:
Chapter 1 Introduction to Radio and Core Networks of UMTS (pages 5–33): Philipp Svoboda and Wolfgang Karner
Chapter 2 Measurement?Based Analysis of UMTS Link Characteristics (pages 39–60): Wolfgang Karner
Chapter 3 Modelling of Link Layer Characteristics (pages 61–88): Wolfgang Karner
Chapter 4 Analysis of Link Error Predictability in the UTRAN (pages 89–96): Wolfgang Karner
Chapter 5 Principles of Video Coding (pages 101–123): Olivia Nemethova
Chapter 6 Error Detection Mechanisms for Encoded Video Streams (pages 125–158): Luca Superiori, Claudio Weidmann and Olivia Nemethova
Chapter 7 3GPP Video Services – Video Codecs, Content Delivery Protocols and Optimization Potentials (pages 163–186): Thomas Stockhammer and Dr Jiangtao Wen
Chapter 8 Cross?Layer Error Resilience Mechanisms (pages 187–210): Olivia Nemethova, Wolfgang Karner and Claudio Weidmann
Chapter 9 Traffic and Performance Monitoring in a Real UMTS Network (pages 215–227): Fabio Ricciato
Chapter 10 Traffic Analysis for UMTS Network Validation and Troubleshooting (pages 229–255): Fabio Ricciato and Peter Romirer?Maierhofer
Chapter 11 End?to?End Video Quality Measurements (pages 257–285): Michal Ries
Chapter 12 Traffic Description (pages 291–311): Philipp Svoboda
Chapter 13 Traffic Flows (pages 313–331): Philipp Svoboda
Chapter 14 Adapting Traffic Models for High?Delay Networks (pages 333–353): Philipp Svoboda
Chapter 15 Traffic Models for Specific Services (pages 355–375): Philipp Svoboda

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