Trematode Infections and Diseases of Man and Animals Cover

Trematode Infections and Diseases of Man and Animals

ISBN/ASIN: 9789048151523,9789401735940 | 1999 | English | pdf | 356/360 pages | 9.92 Mb
Publisher: Springer Netherlands | Author: Vinai Kumar (auth.) | Edition: 1

Over the last few decades new data on the distribution, pathogenicity, diagnosis, treatment and control of trematode infections and diseases in man and animals, including zoonotic trematodiasis, have emerged from various geographical regions. These new data are compiled in this book together with existing information to fulfil the present need. Seven major trematode-induced disease groups, namely, schistosomiasis, paragonimiasis, fascioliasis and fasciolopsiasis, dicrocoeliasis and eurytremiasis, clonorchiasis and opisthorchiasis, paramphistomiasis, and diseases due to intestinal trematode infections are dealt with in this book. These diseases still rank as a major cause of morbidity and mortality – both in man and in livestock – mainly in the tropics, and contribute to the socio-economic problems. Many of these diseases are also zoonoses, some major and others potential.
The intended readership of this treatise include postgraduate students of medical and veterinary parasitology, research workers as well as medical practitioners, veterinarians, tropical diseases specialists, veterinary public health specialists and teachers concerned with trematode infections and trematodiasis of man and animals.

Trematode Infections and Diseases of Man and Animals

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