The Structure Underlying Measure Phrase Sentences Cover

The Structure Underlying Measure Phrase Sentences

ISBN/ASIN: 9789401028929,9789401028905 | 1972 | English | pdf | 259/258 pages | 6.34 Mb
Publisher: Springer Netherlands | Author: W. G. Klooster (auth.) | Edition: 1

I should like to express my gratitude to my supervisor, Professor H. Schultink, whose criticisms and careful reading helped me to improve considerably upon the clarity of exposition while I wrote this study, and whose seemingly innocent requests to elaborate confronted me time and again with the need of revising or abandoning ideas I thought stood on firm ground. His support, and Dr. M. C. van den Toom's gratefully acknowl­ edged willingness to read and evaluate the manuscript enabled me to present this work as a thesis in the University of Utrecht. In more than one way, lowe a debt to Albert Kraak, Professor of Linguistics in the University of Nijmegen. His inspiring enthusiasm awakened my interest in linguistics when I was a student of his. He in­ troduced me to transformational grammar at a time when it seemed almost improper to talk about it, and the stimulating experience of writing a book on Dutch syntax together with him taught me invaluable lessons. I should also like to thank my friend and colleague Henk Verkuyl, to­ gether with whom I prepared an article on the subject of measuring duration in Dutch. Without our stimulating discussions on the subject, the fourth chapter of this study could never have been written in the present form. I am also indebted to him for criticisms and helpful suggestions. At an early stage I profited greatly from discussions with Pieter A. M.

The Structure Underlying Measure Phrase Sentences

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