Op Amp Applications Handbook Cover

Op Amp Applications Handbook

ISBN/ASIN: 9780750678445 | 2004 | English | pdf | 845/845 pages | 17.1 Mb
Publisher: Newnes | Author: Walt Jung (Auth.)

“This practical handbook not only teaches the basic fundamentals of op amps, it also covers various op amp application areas in great detail. This is not a cookbook of circuit designs, but rather a book to learn how the circuit and amplifiers actually function. Circuit designers, electrical engineers, instrumentation engineers, or electrical engineering students, will find this to be a very useful and practical reference book on op amps and their application.” — IEEE Electrical Insulation Magazine “Although the book features contributions from a number of sources over many years, it does not fall into the discontinuity trap like so many compilations. It is very structured and readable, and the information flows smoothly from one chapter to the next – a tribute to the editor, Walt Jung. This book is a thorough study of operational amplifiers and covers in depth just about every application you can think of. It replaces half a shelf of my hitherto favorite texts and it is destined to become a standard work. I can heartily recommend it.” — John W. Wood, Electronics World, December 2005

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