Handbook of Charcoal Making: The Traditional and Industrial Methods Cover

Handbook of Charcoal Making: The Traditional and Industrial Methods

ISBN/ASIN: 9789048184118,9789401704502 | 1985 | English | pdf | 278/294 pages | 6.65 Mb
Publisher: Springer Netherlands | Author: Walter Emrich (auth.) | Edition: 1

We are happy to introduce the Handbook of Charcoal-Making, a comprehensive survey written by a competent expert with international experience. The book was prepared by the Commission of the European Communities in the frame of its R + D programme on biomass. In the European Community today the biomass option is only little developed: a huge resource is waiting for use. Actually, there is ample scope for biomass utilisation as it bears promise in some of the vital sectors of modern society. Development of indigenous and renewable energy sources, creation of new employment, recycling of wastes and improvement of the environment, restructuring of European agriculture, development of the Third World, they are all concerned. It is important to note that the exploitation of the biomass resource is largely related to its conversion into a marketable product. However, as many of the conversion technologies are not yet well established or need improvement, R + D is more than ever the critical pathway to get access to the benefits of biomass utilisation. In the European Communities I R + D programme, thermal conversion of biomass is developed with priority. Gasification as well as pyrolysis development projects are being supported by the Commission in European industry and universities. Pyrolysis is particularly attractive because the conversion products charcoal and pyrolytic oil are very convenient in use, technologies are relatively simple and projected pay-back times favourable. -v- Charcoal making is just the simplest and oldest form of pyrolysis.

Handbook of Charcoal Making: The Traditional and Industrial Methods

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