The Lost Fortune of the Tsars Cover

The Lost Fortune of the Tsars

ISBN/ASIN: 0312146728,9780312146726 | 1996 | English | djvu | 352/352 pages | 4.63 Mb
Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffin | Author: William Clarke | Edition: 1

When World War I broke out in 1914 Russia's Romanov dynasty was among the world's richest families. Yet ever since the Bolsheviks executed Tsar Nicholas II, his wife Alexandra and their children at Ekaterinburg, the mystery of what happened to their wealth has remained unsolved – until now. The author has spent 30 years on the trail of the Tsar's lost fortune. His pursuit has taken him across continents, to dusty vaults in great banks: bullion, jewels and bank accounts have been his quarry. This book contains an account of his answers.

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