Introduction to Infrared System Design Cover

Introduction to Infrared System Design

ISBN/ASIN: 0819421065,9780819421067 | 1996 | English | pdf | 131/131 pages | 7.99 Mb
Publisher: SPIE Publications | Author: William L. Wolfe

This Tutorial Text focuses on the optics and detector aspects of infrared system design. It introduces the terminology, processes, and instrument design techniques available to engineers today. Design examples are based on real problems investigated by the author during his 30 years of experience as an industrialist, teacher, and consultant.
– Preface
– Symbols and Notation
– Introduction
– Applications Overview
– Review of Geometric Optics
– Review of Radiometry
– Detector Parameters
– The Infrared System
– Atmospheric Transmission and Radiation
– Evaluation of the Infrared Scene
– Bandwidth and Scan Strategies
– Optical Materials
– Some Optical Systems
– Scanning Systems
– Real-Time Imager Descriptions
– Design Examples
– Appendix A: Figure Programs
– Appendix B: Example Programs
– Bibliography
– Index

Introduction to Infrared System Design

Category: Engineering

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