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Transformers : analysis, design, and measurement

ISBN/ASIN: 1415736634,9781415736630 | 2013 | English | pdf | xiv, 592 p. : ill/609 pages | 44.6 Mb
Publisher: CRC Press | Author: Xose M López-Fernández; H Bülent Ertan; J Turowski

Recent catastrophic blackouts have exposed major vulnerabilities in the existing generation, transmission, and distribution systems of transformers widely used for energy transfer, measurement, protection, and signal coupling. As a result, the reliability of the entire power system is now uncertain, and many blame severe underinvestment, aging technology, and a conservative approach to innovation. Composed of contributions from noted industry experts around the world, Transformers: Analysis, Design, and Measurement offers invaluable information to help designers and users overcome these and other challenges associated with the design, construction, application, and analysis of transformers. This book is divided into three sections to address contemporary economic, design, diagnostic, and maintenance aspects associated with power, instrument, and high-frequency transformers. Topics covered include: – Design considerations – Capability to withstand short circuits – Insulation problems – Stray losses, screening, and local excessive heating hazard – Shell type and superconducting transformers – Links between design and maintenance – Component-related diagnostics and reliability – Economics of life-cycle cost, design review, and risk-management methods – Parameter measurement and prediction This book is an essential tool for understanding and implementing solutions that will ensure improvements in the development, maintenance, and life-cycle management of optimized transformers. This will lead to enhanced safety and reliability and lower costs for the electrical supply. Illustrating the need for close cooperation between users and manufacturers of transformers, this book outlines ways to achieve many crucial power objectives. Among these, the authors focus on the growing demand for transformer miniaturization, increased transmitted power density, and use of advanced materials to meet the requirements of power materials running under higher operational frequencies.

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