Orbital Tumors: Diagnosis and Treatment Cover

Orbital Tumors: Diagnosis and Treatment

ISBN/ASIN: 9780387213217,9780387270869 | 2005 | English | pdf | XV, 441 p. 482 illus. 276 in color./444 pages | 20.6 Mb
Publisher: Springer New York | Author: Zeynel A. Karcioglu MD (auth.)

Lavishly illustrated and clinically relevant, Orbital Tumors: Diagnosis and treatment presents a single-volume reference for orbital pathology in daily practice. Chapters written by leading practitioners in ophthalmology, obitology, radiology, pathology, neurosurgery, medical and radation oncology, and plastic surgery provide a range and depth of expertise unavailable elsewhere.

In order to provide the most recent developments in the science of orbitology, Orbital Tumors explores the latest developments in medical genetics, molecular genetics, and immunosurveillance mechanisms of neoplasia. The occurrence of multiple, malignant neoplasms in retinoblastoma have been included to apply molecular concepts to clinical practice related to orbital tumors.

In the realm of clinical practice for orbital pathology, no development has been more influential than the revolution in imaging techniques, including ultrasonography, computerized tomography, and magnetic resonance methods. The implications of these improvements in diagnostic capabilities are fully explored and explained in Orbital Tumors. The text also includes diagnostic advances in immunohistochemistry, flow cytometry, gene microarray, and the polymerase chain reaction. These are summarized in a separate chapter on orbital biopsy.

Orbital Tumors also includes current staging of malignant orbital tumors, advances and techniques in surgical treatments, radiation advances and options, and the most recent chemotherapeutic therapies for both pediatric and adult tumors.

Orbital Tumors will become and indispensible tool not only for general ophthalmologists, but also for oculoplastic surgeons and orbitologists in their daily practice. The book has further reach as a reference for pediatricians, radiologists, pathologists, neurosurgeons, and otolaryngologists who deal with orbital tumors.

Orbital Tumors: Diagnosis and Treatment

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